Douai art school

In 2016, when I arrived at Lille I went back to school with weekly classes at Douai art school , then in Roubaix alongside Sandrine Hurtrer : I learned about the earth (modeling and turning) as well as sculpture. My job graphic designer came to question these artistic practices. I see a link between the lines, the hollows and the reserves and my different universes have mingled. The land also teaches me patience and shapes my capacity for resilience.

In 2019, the flexibility of my schedule gives me the opportunity to experience the art of ceramics within the Jouret workshops in Roubaix . Over the past few months, this plastic dimension has grown in my daily life, refining my artistic approach and revealing the earth as a medium of choice. I work with sandstone - white sandstone, black sandstone - and I shape by hand, with the so-called plate technique, unique ceramics with a minimalist design.