Shipping policy

The shipping costs correspond to the rate of La Poste in force and the cost of packaging. They are fixed for small packages of less than 5 kg.
Orders are shipped within 4 working days of receipt of payment (except in the event of a shortage of stock in which case Atelier Bray-Deperne will inform the customer when confirming his order).
Atelier Bray-Deperne is based in Lille, France. Deliveries are made by La Poste in mainland France and Europe. The delivery time in mainland France is usually 2 to 4 days. It may be longer in the rest of Europe.
The customer will be able to track his order on the La Poste website with the tracking number which will be communicated to him when his parcel is dispatched.
Atelier Bray-Deperne cannot be held responsible for any unavailability or errors that may affect the information provided by La Poste.
L'Atelier Bray-Deperne cannot be held responsible for loss or delivery delays due to errors or disturbances attributable to La Poste (including in the event of a total or partial strike, in particular of the postal services and means of transport and / or communications).
Atelier Bray-Deperne cannot be held responsible for damage caused by La Poste if the customer accepts a package whose packaging is damaged from the outside. We advise you to refuse a package in such a condition.